[Drupal] How to use panels to design blocks in Drupal?

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The Drupal panels helps the admin users / site owners to create a customized theme layout for multiple users in the site. This will help you to integrate with modules and can created the functionalities with the modules that use the panel features and permissions.

Below a brief explanation on how to configure panels in Drupal.

  • Install Panels module and goto Administration > Structure > Panels
  • Select Mini panels.
  • You can see four menu links:Settings » Context » Layout » Content
  • Give the panel name and description.
  • Skip context and continue.
  • From layout select the layout needed.
  • In Content section you can choose tyle type ie can either add title or hide title.
  • Add the contents to the layout chosen from Layout menu.You can also change styles.
  • Click finish to save the panel.
  • Goto Administration > Structure > Blocks
  • You could see the created panel with the prefix Mini Panel as Mini Panel:"panel name"
  • Enable the block and add to the required region.