Zyxware makes a mark at Drupal Meetup Singapore

| | 1 min read

Zyxware Technologies is extremely honoured to be part of this month's Drupal Meetup Singapore. Drupal Meetup Singapore is a series of community meetups that connects Drupal enthusiasts, developers, users, and people who are curious to know more about Drupal. The events are organized by Drupal Developer Network (Singapore) RoS Registered with UEN T12SS0015F.

Mr. Anoop John, Founder and Managing Director, Zyxware Technologies, presented an Open Space session on 'Building the Drupal Community in Singapore' at the event. The session basically focused on building and strengthening the Drupal community in Singapore, which is still in its nascent stage. Open Space' is a highly collaborative and self-organized meeting where the participants get the opportunity to create the topics during the session and make it happen on the spot. The open space session for April is sponsored by PayPal Singapore.

During the session, Anoop shared his experiences on organizing a free software community in Trivandrum, conducting free software events in colleges, and involving volunteers from the community to foster and support the Drupal community. There was a freewheeling discussion around the topic, whereupon it was decided to focus efforts around the universities in Singapore to actively involve more students interested in Drupal.