What is the easiest way to clear your browsers cache and cookies?

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Cleaning cache, cookies, history etc. in each browser is a very difficult task, for this we use different types of command for each browser which is time consuming process. For this there is a solution BleachBit, an open source software it first publicly released on 24 December 2008 for GNU/Linux systems.

It optimize the system performance by Identifying and removing cookies,cache,temporary files, Internet history and log files for 96 applications including Firefox, Opera, Safari, APT, Google Chrome, Flash etc.It is written in the Python programming language.


  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for Linux.
  • Works in Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.
  • Customization is possible.


  • Removing unused localizations which are translations of software.
  • Remove the unallocated disk space to minimize data remanence.
  • Remove unallocated disk space to improve compression ratio for disk image backups.
  • Removing Firefox's SQLite database which suffers fragmentation.
  • Command line interface for scripting automation.

How to install?

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install BleachBit

How to use?
Open BleachBit then just click clear button in the top, it will pop-up a window press delete to clear.User can also customize the options in it.We can also use BleachBit at the time of system start-up.

  • Open Start-up Applications Preferences in Ubuntu 12.04
  • Click Add button to add a start-up application
  • Enter the details
  • Name: bleachbit
    Command: /usr/bin/bleachbit