How to configure ARB in Drupal commerce

| | 2 min read is payment gateway service allowing users to accept credit cards or other payment mode through websites. It allows users to manage transactions, manage payments on the basis of low-cost without any extra transaction fees. deals with many transactions through payment gateway from simple to complex e-commerce products and reports. The only need by a customer to choose an appropriate API suiting your business and transactions and thereby directly creating an account with

Authorize.Net ARB is a type of payment API where users can opt recurring billing systems to their product subscriptions. The users opting ARB payments mode would be charged the first amount of payment the next day after they subscribe on website, then the recurring billing will start after the first membership period.

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Following are the steps to configure ARB

  1. Please check whether you have the following details before ARB integration for an Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account in your Drupal site
    1. For development purposes create a Sandbox account in
    2. Obtain authentication data such as API login ID and transaction key
  2. Enable following modules :
    • Authnet ARB
    • Commerce
    • Libraries
    • Payment
  3. Download the SDK to your /sites/all/libraries/anet_php_sdk directory and enable before Authnet ARB
  4. SDK requirements:
    • PHP 5.2+
    • An Authorize.Net Merchant Account or Test Account.
  5. Next is to add the recurring products lists in the site. The products lists are the real payment sources to the sites.
    • Go to Administration > Store > Products > Add Product (admin/commerce/products/list) to add the products/ subscription types in the site.
  6. Configuration for Authorize.Net
    • Enable Payment method in Administration > Store > Store Configuration > Payment Methods
      • We have to enable the payment methods module to use the payment configurations.(admin/commerce/config/payment-methods)
      • Go to admin/config/workflow/rules and enable rule- Authorize.Net AIM - Credit Card
    • Set Authorize.Net API login ID and Transaction Key. Also select proper Transaction mode and Default credit card transaction type. (admin/config/authnet-arb)