How to configure Apt-cacher-ng server in Ubuntu 12.04

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Apt-cacher-ng can be defined as an apt proxy which caches the packages which you download locally on your computer. Consider you are using a network of computers and you have to install a package on each system then it will be great to configure an apt-cacher-ng on any system in your network so that it will cache the packages once they have been downloaded. Read on to know how to configure Apt-cacher-ng server in Ubuntu

Caching the packages will make the installation much faster if someone else on the new as their package manager doesn't need to search the web each time and download the same packages multiple times. All you have to do is to configure apt-cacher-ng server and point all client systems to the server. So when a package is downloaded it keeps that file in the apt-cacher server and when a system in the network requests for the same package, it will respond with the package from cache rather than downloading it from the internet.


  1. 1) Install apt-cacher-ng from synaptic or from terminal, using terminal type the following command

    sudo apt-get install apt-cacher-ng

  2. 2) This will install apt-cacher-ng, Now you can check whether it is working by running the following on your browser. Here server_ip is the ip of the machine itself.


  3. 3) Now go the 'statistics report and configuration page' and click the 'start import' button.

By now the apt-cacher-ng server configuration is complete and now you have to configure the client on each of the machines in the network.