[Drupal] How to add youtube capability to a content type?

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We need to develop websites which are capable of handling YouTube video.This feature can be implemented using media YouTube module. Read on to know to add YouTube capability to a content type in a Drupal website.

Follow the steps below to add youtube capability to a content type.

  • Enable media_youtube module in your site.
  • Add a new "file" type field to your content type/entity.
  • Select The widget-type as Media file selector.
  • Edit the field type for handling videos.
    • In Allowed remote media types check 'Video ' option .
    • In Allowed URI schemes check 'youtube:// (YouTube videos)' option.
    • You can select the number of videos to be loaded in a particular content from 'Number of values' select list.

YouTube video formatter options can be set up in Structure ->File types -> Manage file display.

  • You can choose the size,apperance,preview image style etc.

While adding content paste YouTube video url into the Web tab.

You can choose multiple URI schemes for a particular field.