Cases to be tested in User Registration process in Drupal

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Suppose your Drupal website has the facility to allow user to register in your site. In most of the cases User's e-mail address and username will be unique. In this article will be explaining the cases to be noted for the user registration process.

If the site supports user registration, the process may normally happen in two ways.

  1. Registration process will be carrying out in the website through create new account process.
  2. Through Admin menu bar, People » Add user.

Also for registration there may two cases.

  1. Admin approval required to login to the site after registration.
  2. Admin approval not required to login after registration.

Let us check the cases to be tested for registration process in a Drupal 7 website.

Admin approval is not required to login to the site

  1. Ensure that anonymous user is able to register into the site.
  2. Ensure that proper validation is enabled for the fields.
  3. Ensure that user is redirected to home page after registration.
  4. Ensure that user receives an mail regarding registration.
  5. Ensure that user has the proper permissions in the site.
  6. Ensure that no admin menu-bars are displayed in the site for non-admin users.
  7. Ensure that admin can add user through People » Add user menu-bar.
  8. Ensure that there exists no design issues and padding issues in the mail.
  9. Ensure that there exists no design issues and padding issues in the registration form.

Admin Approval is required to login to the site after registration

  1. Ensure that user gets appropriate message after registration if admin approval is required for the registration process.
  2. Ensure that user receives email regarding the registration.
  3. Ensure that after admin approval user receives an email with login credentials.
  4. Ensure that user is able to login to the site using the credentials received through email.
  5. Ensure that user is able to change the password.

Please note that the menu-bar People » Add user is displayed in Drupal 7. In Drupal 6, it is displayed as user » Add user.