[Drupal] How to display the Drupal node comment form in a separate tab?

| | 1 min read

In Drupal, while viewing a content type it will display the content type view with a comment form. If we want to remove the comment form from the view node page we can disable/unset it using hook_node_view function. But what we have to do if we want the comment form in a separate tab.

There is a module called Talk. This module removes the comment form from a node view page and display it on a separate tab.

  • Install talk module
  • Enable the module
  • It makes the comment form as a separate tab. which having link as "node/nid/talk"
  • Now you can see the tab as "Talk" while viewing the node page
  • If you installed the latest version then you can change the settings of this page by going into Admin -> Site Configuration -> Talk.

By using this talk module we will able to change the display of the comment form.