The art of writing technical content

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As an organisation, we are committed to the philosophy and culture of Free Software which entails sharing of knowledge and contributing back to the community. To take forward this commitment, we ensure cooperation of all our members in actively developing content in their respective functional areas.

The content that each of us develop will be made available to a wide audience through our website. With such contributions, our website can emerge as a repository of knowledge frequented by many including programmers, students, business owners and members of the large Drupal community. These open up the opportunity for us to initiate a wide range of engagements with them.

Additionally, writing of content is also seen as an effective method for self learning through structuring and reflection of ideas. As Drupal developers, every member of the software development team would learn at least one new thing every day. We would take up some of these new things if they have not been documented by lot of different sites, write it down and share it with a wide audience.

In order to aid in writing up, we have put together a set of guidelines.

How to frame an article from the documentation?

Anything that could be formulated as questions and their solution could be a potential article.

The following is the structure in which you should be writing the article.

Title: The title should give an indication of what is the problem that you have solved.

Problem Statement: Here, define the problem in a clear manner with the programming context in which you encountered the problem.

Solution: Explain how you solved the problem. Describe the solution with the code if necessary.

Analysis: Analyse the solution from the point of view of efficiency of that particular solution for the problem, the limitations it may have and the applicability of the solution in other contexts.

Once the writer is confident of what he has written and happy with the effort put in, he can send it to the Tech Content Team. They will review and get back to the writer with suggestions if required.

With everyone’s cooperation in content development, we are able to take one more step towards our vision of an organisation that contributes back to the society that we are a part of.