Common design issues to be avoided by a Drupal tester

By anju.r | 04th July 2013 | 2 min read

One of the most important aspects of a Drupal application is obviously its interface which is all what an end user gets to see. These Web Design issues/bugs negatively affect the final look and feel of the end product. Here are some of the most common design issues to be avoided by a Drupal tester.

Common design issues in a Drupal site

1. Alignment issues

  • Button alignment issues
    Buttons should be left/right/central aligned. If there is more than one button on a page (as in the example below) then the alignment opted for both th e buttons should be the same.

    Button alignment issues
  • Text alignment issues
    Button alignment issues
    • Content should be left/right/central aligned.(proper spacing should be given between the title/text and text/button)
    • Button text ("more") should be centrally aligned.

  • Alignment issues to be noted in case of forms which contain text fields and buttons
    • All text fields in a form should be vertically aligned.
    • All text fields should be of equal width. An improper spacing like in the given example takes away the look and feel of the form.
    • All text fields should start and end with the same level.

      Button alignment issues

2. Another serious issue occurs when some of the expected elements/client requirements are missing.

  • Icons or menu bar may be missing (due to the lack of attention)

3. Typos in the content are often ignored

  • New text should begin with capital letter.
  • Proper Spacing should be given after "," ":" etc

    Button alignment issues

4. Overlapping

Button alignment issues

  • Often the text in the content overlaps with the nearby text/buttons/images.

5. Color differences are another issue which can be easily noted. Color differences of

  • Buttons might occur.
  • Text might occur.

6. Font differences are also a common bug noticed in most of the sites. Issue might be with

  • The Font Family
  • The Font Size
  • The Font Weight

7. Images getting cropped.

  • Often images might get cropped at its left/right/top/bottom.
  • Re-sizing of images to a specified width might compress/stretch the image.

8. Another issue commonly found in a Drupal website is that the node/content may be displayed in the URL

By checking all these cases, we can assure that Design issues doesn't exist on your Drupal site.