[Drupal] How to create a Facebook App for posting published content from a Drupal site on Facebook Wall?

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We were requested by a client to create and integrate a Facebook Application on their Drupal site which would post the published content automatically on Facebook. For publishing a content from our Drupal site to Facebook Wall, we need to create a Facebook App. If you want to know how to create a Facebook App for posting published content on a Drupal site on Facebook Wall, then continue reading.

  1. Use this link for creating a new Facebook application: https://developers.facebook.com/apps
  2. From Application page, Click on 'Create New App' button for creating new Facebook App.
  3. Add 'App Name' in the Create New App popup window, and click on the "Ok" button to save App Name.
  4. From app settings page you should add 'App Domains:', 'Website with Facebook Login Site URL:', 'App on Facebook Canvas URL:', 'App on Facebook Secure Canvas URL:'.
  5. Click on "Save Changes" button to save app settings.
  6. Use 'App ID:' and 'App Secret:' from Apps page for configuring Facebook OAuth settings in Drupal. (Menu: Admin >> Config >> Facebook OAuth settings)

Now you have your Facebook App ready!