Prerequisites for attending Drupal Workshops / Drupal Training

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Although there is no specific prerequisite for learning Drupal it would help to have a strong understanding of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript before you take up Drupal. This is more so if you are attending a Drupal Worshop conducted by us or by any other provider. You can always pick up and learn these as you learn Drupal but if you have already met the prerequisites then learning Drupal would be much more easier than if you have not.


Advanced PHP capabilities

  • Database Abstraction
  • Encoding and Implication
  • String Manipulation
  • Objects, Arrays
  • Pass by reference
  • Runtime Generation & Evaluation of PHP code
  • Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Advanced HTML/CSS Capabilities

  • HTML Standards
  • CSS Standards
  • Creating HTML Layouts
  • CSS Table-less Styling
  • CSS Contexts
  • CSS Rules

Advanced MySQL capabilities

  • PDO
  • Relationships, Joins, Grouping
  • Dynamic SQL queries
  • Parsing and pre-processing SQL queries
  • Database level security

Intermediate Javascript capabilities

  • Closure
  • jQuery selectors, events, binding

Conceptual understanding

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Access Control Mechanisms
  • Application Security
  • Callbacks & Hooks
  • Caching
  • Namespace
  • MVC architecture
  • Serialization
  • Application state

Basic Understanding

  • Apache Web Server
  • File System & Permissions
  • Unix ACL
  • HTTP Protocol