[SOLVED][Drupal CKEditor] CKEditor inserting double slash to the image path after upload

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A Drupal user encountered an error when using CKEditor in their Drupal site. Images were being uploaded but the path was incorrect as CKEditor was inserting a double slash to the image path after upload causing broken images in the Drupal site. Removing the double slash manually solved the problem. If your Drupal site is experiencing the same problem and you need a better solution then continue reading.

Here is the fix. The error often occurs when migrating a Drupal site from local to remote

  • Inspect your Drupal installation's sites/default/settings.php file
  • Check if the $base_url has a trailing slash. Remove it if it is present.

If the issue persists try this.

  • Go to the CKEditor profiles
  • Next proceed to File Browser
  • Go to the field where you can define the paths
  • Change the paths
  • Save the new paths
  • Next revert the paths to default
  • Finally save it again.

Hope that helps.

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