Auto Login Script to login to Reliance broadband connection automatically

January 28, 2012 - 17:58

We had sometime back released an automatic login script for Asianet broadband connections. We had since then signed up for Reliance broadband at one of our offices and had to set up something to connect to the connection automatically. The auto login script for Reliance broadband that we created has been published via our github account as Free Software under GPL.

The script was written around the logic published by Kunal Dua on his blog - and was released as Free Software. We took that and built upon that and have released the modified script here. Thanks to Kunal for releasing his script under a Free Software license.

The script allows you to connect to Reliance, disconnect from Reliance or connect and retain connection automatically. The retain connection feature was especially useful for us as we had frequent disconnection issues with the connection.

Since this is Free Software, feel free to use, modify and distribute the script. You might also want to make a small contribution to FSF if you think this script is useful for you. If there had not been any FSF or GPL or Free Software you wouldn't have been able to use this software gratis.

It would be great if you can let us know of any issues/bugs you find in the script. You can use the issue queue at github or the comment form below for the same. Happy hacking.

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Not everyone is well versed with running python scripts on their windows machines.

I downloaded and installed python off from their website. I set the environment variable correctly too. Yet, I am facing difficulty while trying to get this script working.

Double clicking the script just makes a black command prompt prompt window to appear. Nothing seems to be happening on the background.

So, please help me out. What am I doing wrong here?

i am using a connect broadband.
and i don't know how to use a script.
please tell me how use it?
thanks in advance.

Even i'm having trouble getting this script working. Can you please tell this in layman terms?

from where can we download this free software. can you please share the link?

Is this script still working for you?