Wanted Linux Administrator / Linux Evangelist

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Do you consider yourself more of a hacker than of an administrator? Do you know the innards of GNU/Linux? Do you consider yourself one of the elite few who can twirl any GNU/Linux distro to your liking? Do you consider yourself good at everything GNU/Linux? Do you like fiddling with configuration files? Do you prefer to create scripts to automate your routine tasks than to do them manually? Do you consider Google as your best teacher? Do you think you can get answer to any question from Google within 10 minutes? Do you participate in GLUGs? If you answer YES to all of these then you are worthy enough to apply for the post of GNU/Linux Evangelist at Zyxware

We are currently looking for a capable person to man the GNU/Linux evangelist position at our company. You will really have to be good at what you are supposed to be good at but does not have to have any experience. We are looking to build a strong GNU/Linux support team and the person will eventually lead a team of people under him/her. You have to be really passionate about GNU/Linux to be able to drive the rest of the team and also to spread the passion among the community.

The person will be responsible for administering the machines in the development center, managing our hosting servers both at our office and also at the remote data center. He/She will also have to take charge of all our GNU/Linux and FLOSS promotional activities including and not limited to GNU/Linux User Group Trivandrum, Free Software communities in engineering colleges, organizing and at times presenting seminars for the community, teaching and training our staff and also community members and ultimately provide support for the community. The person will also ultimately have to train and build a team of support personnel under him/her to provide quality support to end users and enterprises.

The role will require you to be a strong and visionary leader, highly independent in operations and very confident in your capabilities. Additionally this would require that you take decisions on your own and to not depend on what the rest of the people(including your parents) perceives about Free Software and its future. Also the person has to have very good confidence in the capabilities and the future of GNU/Linux and other FLOSS.

We are not looking to hire highly experienced people and we will not be able to afford such people. Ours is a startup firm and we are strongly building our profile in the GNU/Linux support market. This position is going to be a very responsible position and the remuneration for the position will not just going to be from the salaries. As the division grows and as revenues increase we will be sharing our profits with our employees. The person will start with a maximum of 5K per month initially and salaries will only increase as revenues build in this division. If you looking for immediate rewards in terms of high salaries you need not apply for this position. Only those people with a vision to be part of a growing team in a growing and exciting market where we have every opportunity to be the trail blazers need to apply for this position.