The Ubuntu Manual Project

July 18, 2008 - 03:12
We install Ubuntu on almost all systems built at Zyxware. One common request we have heard from our customers was for a simple printed user manual that they can use to learn and start using Ubuntu. We have been guiding people to the web to learn the ins and outs of using the operating systems but this does not always work very well. As a permanent solution to this problem we are embarking on an ambitious project to create a print ready Ubuntu Manual. As the first step towards this we have created a website dedicated to compiling content that can go into the ubuntu manual. You can check out the ubuntu manual site.

Currently the site contains only articles that are being compiled for this project. Our next task will be to set up a wiki on the site to allow for real time collaboration with interested people in creating this ubuntu manual. All the content on the site is going to be in GFDL which would mean that you can download the manual that we will create ultimately and then print it and use it for your own use or give/sell to other people. Visitor registration is not yet opened to the public while we are still playing with the modules and the permissions. While we are doing this, do start spreading the word around :-)

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i download it@school 3.8 and install intel dualcore pc but i need a problem
the mouse pointer is clearless and open the softwares(open office) are clearless pls hlp me

After searching a lot of ubuntu manual books online, I can only suggest going to and improve your knowledge.