Lenovo Authorized Service Centers in India
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Lenovo, one of the major IT hardware manufacturers in the world, has got authorized service centers across India. They are located in almost all states. The main distributor of Lenovo desktops and laptops is Redington India Private Limited and they have a number of service centers. Lenovo offers is customers a minimum warranty of 1 year on all its hardware. Selected models contain additional two more years warranty. Here we have given a list of Lenovo owned and authorized service centers in india.

IBM Global Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
Unit # 54&55, 5th Floor,
JMC House, Near Parimal Garden,
Off C.G Road,
Ahmedabad – 380006.
Ph: 079 – 26465892/ 26465856

IBM Global Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
Subramanya Arcade, Ground Floor,
12, Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore – 560029.
Ph: 080 – 22063043/ 22063037/ 22063035

Redington India Limited
Ground Floor, 31 Nutan Bharat Society,
Near M K High School,
Alakapuri, Baroda – 390005.
Ph: 0265 – 2343235/ 2343236
Fax: 0265 – 2355407
email: servbar@redington.co.in

CMS Computers Limited
G-57, 1st Floor,
Grace Towers, Zone-II,
M.P Nagar, Bhopal
M.P – 462011.
Ph: 0755 – 5229477/ 257200

Authorized Thinkpad Service Center,
5, Gopabandhu Square, 1st Floor,
Ph: 0674 – 2407656/ 2408068

Calcutta/ Kolkata
IBM Global Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
16, Camac Street,
2nd Floor, L&T Chambers,
Kolkata – 17.
Ph: 033 – 228264 Extn: 205/ 206


Authorized Thinkpad Service Centre
Plot No. 181, Industrial Area Phase 1,
Chandigarh (UT) 160002
Ph: 0712 - 5018075/5018074


IBM Global Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.
IBM Towers,
222, TTK Road,
Chennai – 16.
Ph: 044 – 24660033 Extn: 220/222

Cochin/ Kochi

Authorized Thinkpad Service Centre
28/3299A Cheruparambath Road,
1st Floor, Melka Towers,
Ph: 0484 – 2318815/ 2318834


Redington India Limited
No. 94A & 95, Prasad Chambers,
East Arokiasamy Road, R S Puram,
Coimbatore – 640002.
Ph: 0422 – 2548096/ 2547509
Fax: 0422 – 2555216
Email: servcom@redington.co.in


IBM Global Service (I) Pvt. Ltd,
First Floor, Birla Towers,
25, Barakhamba Road,
Connaught Place, New Delhi
Ph: 011 - 52292147/51511870/52293000


IBM Global Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
DLF, Village Silokhera,
National Highway No. 8, Sector 30,
Ph: 0124 - 5053288/2834151/2834141
Fax: 0124 – 2382425


Redington India Limited
Bajrangbali Building,
1st Floor, Bora Service,
G.S Road, Ulubari,
Guwahati – 781007
Ph: 0361 – 2450611/ 2450612
email: servgwi@redington.co.in


IBM Global Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
No. 8-2-502/1/AG,
Uma Aishwarya House, Road No. 7,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034
Ph: 040 – 23350260-62, 66 Extn: 30


Authorized Thinkpad Service Centre
G-1, Swadesh Bhavab, Press Complex,
Agra Bombay Road,
Ph: 0731 – 5009995/ 5009994


Authorized Thinkpad Service Centre
A-28, Parwal Mansion,
Basement Area, Jaipur – 302016
Ph: 0141 – 5128675


IBM Global Services,
Kashi Kunj, Road No. 2,
Contractor's Area,
Bistupur, Jamshedpur – 831001


Authorized Thinkpad Service Centre
DTL Plaza, 19-way lane,
Behind Hindustan Times Building,
Ph: 0522 – 2207313/ 2207303


Redington India Ltd
Basement, Kichlu Nagar Market
Ph: 481590


Binary Systems
213, Mahendra Arcade,
Ph: 0824 – 5272000/ 2493000/ 2492000

IBM Global Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
IL&FS Financial Centre,
4th Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex,
Ph: 022 – 56962105/ 56962106/ 56962107/ 56967108

Enet Solutions
C/O Bios Infotech Pvt. Ltd.,
66/1, 3rd Main, 5th Cross,

Micron Services
Micron House, Next to Hotel Midland,
Central Avenue, Nagpur – 18
Ph: 0712 – 2726134/ 2726135

Radington India Limited
Off Sharanpur Road, Nasik,
Ph: 0253 – 5605531/ 3092836

Ingram Micro India Pvt. Ltd.,
Chirantan Apartments, Nevgi Nagar,
Qurem Road, Panjim – 403001

Redington India Limited
81, SV Patel Salai,
Deva Complex, Pondichery
Ph: 0413 – 2221476
Email: servpondy@redington.co.in

IBM Global Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
Parvaaz, Shankar Sheth Road,
Pune – 411001
Ph: 020 – 56033707/ 56041101 Extn: 1256
Fax: 020 – 26446156

Ankur Computers
2nd Floor, Raipur Complex,
MG Road, Link – 1,
Raipur – 492001,
Mobile: 9826129991

Redington India Limited
Chaandni, T.C 9/1437(3), D-10, Moolayil Lane,
Trivandrum – 695010
Ph: 0471 - 2315203

ACS Technologies Ltd.,
302, Sindhoor Apartments,
Vijayawada – 530008.
Ph: 0866 – 2477893
Email: acs_vja@yahoo.com

Vizag (Visakhapatnam)
Redington India Limited
101, Medicherla Towers
47-10-3, Dwaraka Nagar,
Near Diamond Park,
Visakapatnam – 530016.
Ph: 0891 – 2793073/ 2793028
Email: servvizag@redington.co.in

If you require any further assistance, please contact us at:

Zyxware Technologies
3/118, Kesavadasapuram,
Pattom P.O.,
Trivandrum - 695004.

Ph: 047 -4063818
Mob: 0-944-606-9446

Email: info@zyxware.com
Website: www.zyxware.com



on 25th May 2007 / by webmaster
A new computer could cost anywhere from Rs. 13500/- where as you could get a reasonably good used computer in the range of Rs. 4000 to Rs. 7000 depending on the age and the configuration of the system. The obvious attractiveness in the option of buying a used computer is the price. Buying a certified used system is an excellent way to familiarize you and your family to the exciting world of computers and internet at perhaps 1/3 the cost of a new system. If you are buying a computer solely for gaming purposes you should perhaps stop reading any further and go for a brand new computer. Most the new games in the market require not just the latest technologies but also the higher end versions of the same. If however you are looking to buy a computer for introducing you or your kids to programming, or to explore the internet or simply to watch movies, a used computer could meet your needs. There are however several aspects the customer needs to verify before buying a used computer. A full scandisk has to be run on all the drives to ensure that there are not too many bad sectors. A few bad sectors shouldn't be a big worry. Try a CDROM and/or DVDROM in the drive to check that the drives are functioning properly. Run a memory test using the Ubuntu memory test feature. Boot using the Ubuntu CD and select the memory test option. Make sure that the connectivity devices are working correctly - network card and/or modem. Try connecting to the net and verify. Verify that all the addon cards are working fine - check sound and video. Ensure that the monitor does not display unusual symptoms after keeping on for a couple of hours. Ensure that the internals - processor, motherboard, smps - does not create any problems after being kept on for a few hours. The prices of the used computers vary based on the Processor, Motherboard, Hard Disk, RAM, other components and accessories. If you would like to buy a used computer visit our store at 3/118 Kesavadasapuram, Pattom P. O., Trivandrum, Phone - 0471-4063818 and we will be able to sell you used computers that have gone through the 7 point checklist mentioned above. If you have a used computer you wish to sell bring it over, we will inspect it and give you a fair price. Computers Hardware Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Anonymous (not verified) access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 18:10 I want to buy a used computer. But i am in chennai. How can i buy? Please mail to me. Thanks in advance. webmaster access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 18:10 In reply to I want to buy a used Computer by Anonymous (not verified) The easiest way to get hold of a used computer is from your friends. If any of your friends are planning to buy new PCs then you can get hold of their old computer. Both of you will get a good bargain out of the deal as you are taking the middleman out of the deal. If you can't find anybody who is planning to upgrade then your best bet would be your local computer store or craigslist. Had you been in Trivandrum we could have arranged a used PC for you :) Add new comment

on 12th August 2007 / by webmaster
One of the strange types of complaints we receive from our customers is "The system was working fine till yesterday, I had shut down the system and it is not booting now". Strange as it may sound the common feature of these support requests included burnt motherboards, non-functional PCI Card slots and sometimes burnt Ethernet cards. One common factor in such cases was that these customers had Asianet Dataline as their internet service. Asianet's cable line is prone to power surges that could burn your modem, ethernet card and if you are unlucky motherboard, processor and even monitor. The possible reason for this is that they depend a lot on KSEB transmission posts to support their cable infrastructure and they do not have surge protection devices at the customer side of the cables. Whatever be the reason there is a risk of power surges damaging the computer connected through Asianet Dataline. Asianet themselves confirm this issue by specifically requesting users to not connect through the USB or on-board ethernet card and instead use a PCI ethernet card to connect. Following are some precautionary steps you should be taking to protect your PC if you are an Asianet Dataline subscriber Always connect to Asianet Dataline using a PCI Ethernet card. Spending an additional 200-300 bucks is worth it. DONOT connect to Asianet Dataline using the USB port DONOT connect to Asianet Dataline using the onboard ethernet card (built-in network card) Physically disconnect your Asianet Dataline cable from the modem when you are not using internet. Physically disconnect your Asianet Dataline cable from the modem when there is rain and/or thunder and/or lightning Computers Hardware Networking Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

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Intel has been announcing massive price slashes for its processors and motherboards since January 2007. In spite of this AMD based systems still maintain a comfortable lead over the Intel based systems. The price difference used to be around Rs. 3,000 around a year back but it has fallen drastically during the last one year. An AMD Sempron based system can be bought for around Rs. 13,500 while an Athlon X2 costs around Rs. 14,600. The Intel counterparts Dual Core and Core 2 Duo based systems costs around Rs. 15,500 and Rs. 18,500 respectively. AMD Athlon X2 Based System AMD X2 4000 Processor Motherboard 512MB DDR II Ram 80 GB SATA Sony CD Combo Drive Keyboard Optical Mouse 15" CRT Monitor Speaker ATX Cabinet Total Amount - Rs. 14,650.00 (inclusive of taxes) AMD Sempron Based System AMD Sempron 3400+ Processor Motherboard 512MB DDR II Ram 80 GB SATA Sony CD Combo Drive Keyboard Optical Mouse 15" CRT Monitor Speaker ATX Cabinet Total Amount - Rs. 13,400.00 (inclusive of taxes) Intel Dual Core Based System Dual Core E2140 1.6 Ghz Processor Intel 945GCNL Mother Board 512MB DDR II Ram 80 GB SATA Sony CD Combo Drive Keyboard Optical Mouse 15" CRT Monitor Speaker ATX Cabinet Total Amount - Rs. 15,500.00 (inclusive of taxes) Intel Core 2 Duo Based System Intel Core 2Duo E4400 Processor Intel 945 GCNL Mother Board 512MB DDR II Ram 80 GB SATA Sony DVD Writer Keyboard Optical Mouse 15" CRT Monitor Speaker ATX Cabinet Total Amount - Rs. 18550.00 (inclusive of taxes) Common Peripherals and Upgrades Above Systems with 160GB HDD - Rs 300.00 Extra Above Systems with 1GB DDR II Ram - Rs 800.00 Extra Above Systems with 15" Samsung TFT Monitor - Rs 4625.00 Extra Above Systems with 17" Samsung TFT Monitor - Rs 5800.00 Extra For further information you can call us at 0471-4063818 or visit our store at Kesavadasapuram, Trivandrum. You may also send us a line using the Contact Us page. Computers Hardware Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Pradipta (not verified) access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 18:10 I wish to know the price of HP pavilion 6610 . Please send me the price . regards Pradipta seban (not verified) access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 18:10 intel core2Duo+dvd dual layer+17"tft+160gb hdd+Lan+Speaker System=? lean sigma (not verified) access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 18:10 very very attractive post. really awesome. what a meaningful efforts here.thanks for sharing all. Add new comment
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Anonymous (not verified)
access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 19:38

my laptop model name is Lenovo 3000 Y100 series the prob. Is creating on my laptop is not charging they can't gain the power supply from the charger.only charge for 2 sec. Only & after stop charging so help me to give the solution immidiatly.

preetesh (not verified)
access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 19:38

i have a some problem in my lenovo laptop.......
so where is service center in ghaziabad.......& near ghaziabad..

neha singh (not verified)
access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 19:38

plz tell me d service center in agra


Dear Customer CAre,
I bought Lenovo laptop in the last week of march 2008 but its not working well and local customer care is also not responding well. I feel bad by all this as i am still in warranty period how can such respected company react like this.
Do reply me

Amit Kapoor

Amit (not verified)
access_time 21 Apr 2019 - 19:38

I do have a lenovo laptop(C 100), but frm few days a huge black spot is being seen across the screen.
Can I have the price of the screen?

Amit MAji