Ubuntu Live USB Pen Drives - Order online

March 27, 2008 - 02:19

Ubuntu can be installed on a USB flash thumb drive and such a drive can be used just like a Live Ubuntu CD except that it would be faster and that you can save changes back into the pen drive. The process is easy but you can save yourself the hassle of doing that order for yourselves a fully working Ubuntu Live USB Pen Drive from us.

We are currently running this as a GNU/Linux and Ubuntu promotional campaign and we are charging only the cost of the thumb drive and the shipping and handling charges. All you have to do is to make a payment for the total amount into our Paypal account or our bank account (only if you are within India) or and send us an email to - sales at zyxware dot com - with the details. We will ship the Thumb Drive as soon as the payment is reflected in our accounts. We will ship anywhere in the world.

Most modern motherboards support booting from USB devices and you can easily change your boot order to enable booting from USB drives. If your motherboard does not support USB boot you can very well format the drive and use it as a normal flash drive :). At present we are offering Ubuntu as the only Live USB Thumb drive. In the near future you can expect to see Live Knoppix Pen Drives, Live DSL Pen Drives and Live SLAX Pen Drives.

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kindly mail me the price details.


Can you please send us your address so that we can calculate postage charges. You can use the Contact Us page to send us a mail with the information.

Pen drives are improving their capacities. good.