Hardware Quality and Pricing Policy

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We started our hardware division with a vision to bring genuine, quality products at the lowest possible prices to our consumers. This policy document deals with all these three aspects of our vision statement.

Genuine Products
We sell only genuine components and products. We buy from all the authorized distributors of the items we carry and we do not buy any spurious or counterfeit products. We are registered retailers of all the products that we carry. We do not buy products from the black or grey markets. Since we don't do any of the above illegal activities, naturally the products that we carry are guaranteed to be genuine, original components bought from the respective legal channels.

In the systems that we sell we guarantee that all the components are included as was originally mentioned in our quotation and billed in our invoice. Moreover we also guarantee that if a customer is buying a new system we will only be including fresh-out-of-the-box components unless the customer has specifically requested for a used component.

Quality of components
We carry only genuine and original components. The quality of the components would therefore depend primarily on the brand of the component. An average user might not be able to distinguish between the qualities of these components based on the brand names. We as responsible dealers will try to identify and convey relative qualities of components as best as we can. There will however be limitations in this process but we will be trying our best to do this.

Normally businesses price their products at the maximum prices that is affordable by the customers for the value provided and given the levels of competition. In such a scenario, the business would try to sell as high as possible given the market conditions, and the customer would try to buy for as cheap as possible. This result of this tug of war will be determined by the going prices in the market and the levels of awareness of the customer. In an emerging market as computer hardware, both these factors will be stacked against the benefit of the consumer.

However we have a different philosophy for pricing our products. We fix our prices at the lowest we can afford to sell. This lowest price will include our operational costs and our capital costs and a nominal profit. The pricing will be such that we will not be able to sell at any price lower than the set prices without incurring a loss in the long run. Rather than a customer fighting for the lowest prices we ourselves are offering our lowest prices. As volumes in sales increases we will be able to sell the products even cheaper than what we sell currently as we would be able to get our components even cheaper.

We will not hike up our prices to give you free offers or hike up our prices to give you reductions on the hiked up price. We believe that it would amount to misrepresentation of facts if we do that. Additionally any free offers that we will give/currently give, will be/are offers on top of the actual prices of the products with the offer.