Steps to import/export views in Drupal 9

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You can always create a view manually, and change the configuration one by one manually. And, all done. But, still, there is a chance of manual error. Drupal9 allows you to import-export views.
You can follow the below steps to Import and Export views

  • Go to Admin/Configuration/Development/Configuration Synchronization. You will See Synchronize title and 3 tabs: Synchronize | Import | Export
  • Click on Export. You can see two items:
    Full Archive | Single Item
  • Click on Single Item
    You will be asked for configuration type from the drop-down.
    Select View
  • Second drop-down: "Configuration name", will be populated with all the views.
  • Select the desired view.
  • As you select, the next text area: "Here is your configuration" will be populated with a yml
  • You need to copy this yml

Now go to the site, where you want to import that view. Follow the steps

  • Goto: /Admin/Configuration/Development/Configuration Synchronization/Import/Single item
  • Configuration type as View
  • Paste the yml in the textarea showing next.
  • Click on Import

If you see no error, your view has been successfully imported.