A Definitive Guide to Writing: Spelling Conventions to the Golden Hammer

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Zyxware is publishing a multipart essay on how to write effectively. In the sixth and the final article in this series, you can read parts H, I and T, where the author suggests which spelling to use, what the editorial team mandates while submitting an article to us, and finally, the golden rule of all writing conventions: the rule breakage! Enjoy your journey. 

H. Spelling Conventions

  1. Suppose we combine two words to form an entity; better use a hyphen in-between. e.g., ‘decision-making’ instead of ‘decision making.’ 
  2. Use either British/Australian or US/Canadian spelling conventions in writeups. Please do not mix them both in the same story. Also, use either curly or straight apostrophes for single and double quotes. While both styles are acceptable, it is best to be consistent.

I. Submission Guidelines for Publication

  1. Every story submitted for publishing in Zyxware Web Properties should have an abstract (teaser text) with it. The length of the summary should not make itself an abridged version of the article. Instead, limit it to 150-160 characters, including spaces. 
  2. Suggests tags and keywords for the article as comma-separated values. 
  3. Apart from the abstract, it is advisable to prepare a separate meta description containing the relevant keywords not exceeding the 150 character limit. 
  4. Include relevant keywords in the first three paragraphs, the middle of an article, and in the concluding part for helping in search engine optimisation (SEO). 
  5. Use code blocks when you have to input readable code into an article. 
  6. Aim for a higher readability score in Flesch reading-ease test. Use writing aids such as ‘Grammarly’ and ‘ProWritingAid’.
  7. In long-form articles, subtitle various sections—Mark titles with H1 tag and subtitles with H2 tag. 

T. The Golden Hammer

  1. No rules are absolute. Break the rules wherever necessary. 

Happy Scribing!