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E-commerce businesses depend on electronic transactions to receive payment from customers for products and services. The massive volume of electronic transactions has lead to a rise in fraudulent activities. As per the data released by Global Fraud Attack Index TM, the number of attacks by fraudsters increased by 163 percent in 2015, rapidly growing two and a half times in a three-quartered period. Credit card fraud impacts all those involved in it: the consumer whose credit card information is stolen, the merchant from whom the product is purchased, the bank that enables the transaction and the issuer who is obliged to protect its cardholders. In this dynamic e-commerce landscape, as merchants constantly sell their products through multiple channels and provide different payment methods to cater to local customer needs, keeping abreast of fraud risks is a challenging task. Riskified provides a flexible fraud prevention solution for enterprises.
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This article is for those who are new to Drupal Bootstrap and responsive design. Drupal Bootsrap is a responsive theme you can download it from It is one of the best responsive theme and created using boostrap framework. Creating a sub theme of Bootstrap is explained in another article of mine. This article mainly concentrated about How to use LESS to style bootstrap theme Drupal.
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This is a simple and easy way to theme an ubercart shopping cart block in a Drupal site. When we enable ubercart in our Drupal website we will get a block called shopping cart. This block will show us number of items in which are added to cart. When we use our own theme this block may not looks good, but we can theme it in a very easy manner. This article can be useful if you want to theme shopping cart block in Drupal.