SQL Query

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| 2 min read
Drupal 7 Views provides an option to add php to the Views footer in a View page. The option is called Global PHP. It allows you to add PHP code to views, to modify its output without adding code in a separate php file. However this option shoud be used with caution as a php error here can bring down the whole site and it would be difficult to detect. There is an alternative though. Read on to know how to add an SQL query to the global footer in Views without directly placing the PHP code in a view.
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| 4 min read
Sometimes working on Drupal Views is very intimidating as this a very complex module serving a variety of needs. No wonder it is one of top Drupal modules. Once I had a particularly difficult time trying to figure out how to get a relationship right in Views by trying to get the user name from the users table using a userid from a field in my custom table. However I managed to figure out the soution by reading the query generated by Views. Read on to know how to add a relationship between a custom table and Users table in Views below