Custom Block

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| 2 min read
Most often we may want to show our custom forms in blocks. Here are the simple steps to accomplish this. In the below code we will create a form called “MymoduleExampleForm” and this form will be placed in a custom block called “MymoduleExampleBlock”. Step 1 – Create a custom module say 'mymodule'. For details on how to create a custom module in Drupal 8 See here Step 2 – Create a php file named MymoduleExampleForm.php in mymodule/src/Form and place the following code.
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There is no Drupal website with out a block. As a Drupal developer there are certain cases we need to create custom blocks programatically. While working in a project I faced an issue with a custom Drupal block creation in Drupal 6 version. I think some of you also faced the same situation,Custom block creation in Drupal 6 is not a big issue. I think the below code will help to handle the situation.