RequestCD Program

RequestCD is a program run by Zyxware since 2007 where we ship Free Software CDs and DVDs across the world. This was initiated with a vision to make Free Software available to people who wish to use it but are limited by lack of access to high bandwidth Internet connections. Originally intended to target GNU/Linux enthusiasts in India, where the broadband Internet penetration was only less than 1% of a population of a billion people, we have recently opened up to shipping globally.

About the program

Through RequestCD we primarily ship GNU/Linux CDs and DVDs across the world at a very nominal charge. We ship other Free and Open Source software as well. Over the years we have shipped thousands of DVDs and CDs through this program.

You can see the full list of software already available via the RequestCD program at If you do not see the specific software you wish to get, you can let us know and we will download the software, write the CD/DVD and mail the software to you. As simple as that. The mission of this project is simple - to promote Free and Open Source software among those who have limited Internet connectivity.

Software available via the program

A large percentage of the software shipped via the program are GNU/Linux distributions but we also have other Free Software that we distribute as well. The only requirement for a software to be included is that it should be distributable under one of the Open Source licenses that allow redistribution (

Shipping and Payments

We usually ship the discs via a courier service that has reach in the specific area where the request originated from. We also depend on the Indian Postal service as well for shipping in India. We accept payments via online bank transfers, cheques, demand drafts, money orders and paypal payments (for international payments).