At Zyxware, partnerships are one of our core strengths that help us to deliver exceptional value to our clients. We share a 360 degree relationship with our technology partners – one that involves common values and the same business objectives. Our customers are our greatest asset and hence we value customer satisfaction more than anything else. At Zyxware, we focus on building winning partnerships that provide signficant growth opportunities and values fostered by sincere commitment, collaboration, and thought leadership.

  1. Drupal Association Organization Member :

    Drupal Association Organization MemberZyxware is proud to be a Drupal Association Organization member. The goal of Drupal Association is to support and promote the Drupal community by maintaining software and infrastructure. The Drupal Association Organization also provides DrupalCon scholarships and Community Cultivation Grants and is responsible for hosting DrupalCons and numerous other community initiatives.

  2. Canonical Partner :

    Canonical PartnerBeing a Canonical partner helps to ensure that Ubuntu operates reliably on every platform from the PC and the smartphone to the server and, most importantly the cloud. It helps governments and businesses across the world with migrations and effective management and support for Ubuntu deployments. Canonical helps us to deliver our products without the cost and complexity of operating system development, software engineering, or global content distribution agreements.

  3. One of the leading contributors to Drupal from India :

    One of the leading contributors to Drupal from IndiaZyxware technologies is a leading contributor to Drupal from india.

    • Over 40,000 websites use our modules and themes

    • Close to 30 contributed modules and themes

    • Maintainer of Search404, a top 100 Drupal module

    • Over 500 commits at

    • Contributes all patches back to Drupal

    • Our profile on -

    • Knowledge partnerships with Acquia (Drupal Services) New Relic (Performance) and Volacci (Drupal S.E.O.)

  4. Featured service provider on :

    Featured service provider on Drupal.orgZyxware is one of the few Featured Service Providers from India listed on This is a recognition of our sustained contributions to Drupal over the years. One of the key reasons why we chose Drupal as our platform for delivering web based solutions was the freedom that Drupal gave to contribute back to the system. Another factor was the vast community around the software. We have been true to the spirit of Drupal community and have been contributing extensively through code and other promotional activities.

  5. Free Software Foundation Associate Member :

    Free Software Foundation Associate MemberZyxware is honoured to be a Free Software Foundation Associate member. Donating to the FSF as an associate member helps support and promote he essential freedom for all computer users, with a sustaining contribution and foster collaboration between individuals to create a better world – a world that respects individual freedom, social solidarity, personal privacy, and democracy, built on free software.

  6. Acquia Partner :

    Acquia PartnerSince 2006, Zyxware Technologies is an exclusive Drupal service provider and has completed over 120 Drupal projects for clients across the globe.

    Partnering with Acquia offers a host of benefits of partners and customers including:

    • Innovation :

      With Open-source software, more resources can stay ahead of the competition.

    • Collaboration :

      Helps collaborate with the global Drupal eco-system and opens up a world of opportunities.

    • Community :

      The Drupal platform comprises thousands of developers who are constantly contributing to the code base.

  7. Volacci Partner :

    Volacci PartnerZyxware is honoured to be a Knowledge partner with Volacci. Volacci is the primary source of software, services, training, and knowledge for Drupal marketers. Being a Volacci partner provides us with tools that make marketing with Drupal easier and more effective and also build lasting relationships with our clients.