Computers and Peripherals

We started our Computers and Peripherals, Sales and Services Division with a vision to bring the power of IT to the masses. We endeavour to bring quality IT hardware at lowest possible prices to the people. We take a very radical approach when it comes to matching products with customer requirements. As opposed to the traditional marketing strategy of making maximum profit in every deal, we try to fit a customer's needs with the minimum configuration and price without compromising on our quality. We believe that businesses exists to serve the customers and are not ends in themselves.

Branded and Assembled Computers
We sell assembled and branded PCs. Even though the branded pc market is lucrative in that we can keep all the profit without any hazzles of support issues we try to push the assembled pc segment because that is where we have much larger control over prices. We also sell all kinds of parts and peripherals and PC consumables. We sell peripherals starting from mousepads to large format plotters and design workbenches. We also undertake computer services and annual maintenance contracts. We cater to the whole spectrum of the market viz. from home pc users to SMEs to large scale enterprises.

Laptops and Accessories
Laptops have begun to emerge as a new and fast growing market in India. We are authorized dealers of branded laptops including HCL, Wipro, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer. Our prices are highly competent and we deliver anywhere in the country. We also sell all kinds of laptop accessories like bags, mice, portable keyboards, locks etc.

Home PC Segment
We provide PCs ranging from the entry level home PC to the Medium level Multimedia PC to the high end Gaming PCs for home segment. We work with our customers to identify their exact requirements and try to match them with a reasonable configuration. The capability of most home PCs remain unutilized and this is the simple reason why we try to make sure that we sell only what you really need. You could always use the extra money on something else you need.

Public & Private Sector Establishments
We are trying to make a difference in the way people look at public sector establishments. Just because of the fact that some department has some specified allocated fund to buy PC's and Peripherals does not mean that they have to buy whatever they can buy with that money. Our take on the matter is - just buy what you need and at the lowest you can get without compromising on quality. Government money is public money and it is our tax money and we try to help our government in using it optimally. Same is our stand with private undertakings. We listen to our customers carefully to identify their exact needs and we propose the best solutions for their needs and budget.