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PHP number to word converter using Indian numbering system

December 08, 2014 - 09:15

I was faced with a requirement to convert number to words/string in Indian naming system with lakhs and crores. I had to generate the amount in words for printing it out on a bill. The total amount, provided to the customer, needed to be converted to string. For example, if 1345673 was to be converted to Thirteen lakh Forty Five Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy Three, these functions will have to be followed.

Script to play MIDI files in Banshee 2.0 in Ubuntu without going into an infinite loop

I was trying to get a list of MIDI files play in banshee 2.0 in an old computer. The system had Ubuntu 11.04 and banshee was able to play MIDI files except that it was not able to detect the end of each track and continued playing the same track with silence as the only output and infinitely playing the same track. So whenever there was a long silence I had to manually change to the next track. I did that a few times but then decided to write a small script to solve the problem.

How to backup (dump) and restore a specific table in MySQL using the terminal / commandline utilities provided by Linux

As a web developer, we sometimes may want to export a specific table from a MySQL database. It can be particularly helpful when we are going to apply some changes to a table that is part of a large database and we are interested in backing up that specific table only, rather that whole huge database.

To create a backup (also called dump) of the a table use this command: