Soundmanager2 Module

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We were asked to provide an estimate for a Joomla client who wanted to know the feasibility of converting their Joomla site to Drupal. Before we provide an estimate it is our practice to review the existing setup of the client. The version of the CMS is what we check first when we do the review. Read on to know how to know the version of Joomla sit without admin access.
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The article explain how to make mp3 files directly streaming on your website without users having to download the file. To do so I am using contributed module from Drupal that is Soundmanager2 module. It provides the Drupal interaction with the soundmanager2 libraries containing three default player style. Here I am just creating a content type for uploading the mp3 files. By creating a node to this content type we can upload the files and displaying mp3 player will be done by soundmanager2 libraries. For integrating MP3 file in your Drupal 7 , you need download modules and the libraries.