Responsive Design

Why is Drupal the best choice for Responsive/Adaptive Web Design?

Responsive sites and adaptive sites are the same in the sense that they both change appearance based on the browser environment they are being viewed on. One of the major challenges in creating a web design is how to create one that has lasting value, at least for a planned period of time. It is more likely that a first time visitor/customer may not be familiar with your products or services. There are other possibilities that your visitor is in a real hurry, or they’re on an iPad, at a coffee shop. Or maybe they’re on some device for which a website hasn’t been planned yet.

Build a responsive mobile commerce website & deliver a fabulous shopping experience!

Thanks to the tremendous advancement in technology, today we can shop, pay our bills, book tickets and transfer funds through our mobile phones. Now we don’t have to pull out our laptop and wait for it to open in order to make purchases or pay bills, do we? Life has become much easier and quicker; you could say that now we have the world at our finger tips!

[Drupal] How to add social media icons in responsive theme?

April 01, 2015 - 15:19

In this section we are going to add social media icons to the responsive theme in Drupal. Before starting we need to upload and install any responsive theme(I used CoperateClean theme of Drupal). We will implement this social media icons by creating a block in Drupal and then setting up the cascading style for that block. Below are the simple steps to add a social media icons:

[Drupal] How to create a responsive Drupal theme easily?

Nowadays we can easily access internet in different devices such as mobile, tablet etc. So its necessary to make a website compatible with popular devices like iPhone, iPad etc. In Drupal, we have a simple method to make a website adapt to different devices. In this method we can convert a normal theme to responsive theme easily. To get this we have to modify the .info file and add the media query stylesheets in .info file. We will also have to add the responsive style rules to the separate media query stylesheets