Project Management

Cover of book The Mythical Man-Month
| 7 min read
"The Mythical Man-Month" by Frederick P. Brooks Jr. is a classic book that explores the challenges of managing large software projects and offers valuable insights and advice for overcoming obstacles. While the book primarily aims at people working in software development, its lessons can be applied to any project or area of work. One of the key lessons from the book is the importance of shifting from problem-focused to solution-focused thinking, communicating and collaborating effectively, and managing complexity.
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| 4 min read
We use a VPS server hosted on the web as our shared projects folder to share files between our team members in a safe and secure way. This is set up in such a way that users can mount a folder on the VPS on to their local machines via SSHFS and access contents on the shared folder. The permissions in the folder is managed via a script that is running on the server. The script and its configuration is being managed using an automatic deployment process using git. In the following article we have described how you can set up your own secure shared folder on the web.