Marketing Drupal

List of Fortune 500 companies using Drupal for their websites (2014)

April 12, 2017 - 15:03

We had earlier published a list of Fortune 500 companies and their websites. We evaluated these websites and have identified those that run on Drupal. The following is the list of Fortune 500 companies from 2014 that use Drupal for their corporate websites. Do note that this data is for the list of fortune 500 companies for year 2014. The current list of fortune 500 companies using Drupal is also available.

Drupal: The new game changer in online business

September 12, 2015 - 12:10

Technology has completely changed the way businesses were operated in the past. Now, marketers can make their products available to the customers at their finger tips at any place and time. About two decades ago, nobody could ever imagine that buying and selling would be carried out in such a seamless manner sans the brick and mortar retail outlets.

Why you need to choose Drupal as your website development framework?

Drupal has been used and adapted by millions of websites across the world and not without reason. This top open source CMS is extremely flexible and robust and has found favour amongst the developer community due to the various qualities it possesses. Across the world, many renowned websites such as,, and have applauded its versatility and flexibility, and used the Drupal development framework to their benefit.