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| 2 min read
First of all, Why we need to choose Drupal for implementing multilingual sites?. Drupal 7 is having the flexibility and scalabilty, compared to any other content management systems, online tools and desktop programs. So its very easy to maintain a multilingual site, which is essential for corporate sites.
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| 3 min read
One of our Drupal clients was using banner ads for their affiliates to bring in more members. Unfortunately these banner ads were placed inside the content with a page (A Drupal node) and the embed code for the banner ads generated using PHP code by enabling the PHP filter. If you have spent time in the Drupal world you would be knowing that enabling the PHP filter within the content area is a big security vulnerability. So the alternative was to use tokens. Read on to know how to replace a token within the content area of a node in Drupal.