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| 26 min read
Mr.Thomas P. Thomas, CEO, Zyxware Technologies, is a man of strategy and vision, as is evident from his love for the game of cricket. Those who have been in meetings with him would have heard him talk very passionately about cricket. After Lakshya 2015, each team had meetings with him to further clarify on the presentations that had taken place. Our team had one too. After the meeting, we came up on the following conclusions:
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| 35 min read
Vimal Joseph, Technical Architect, Zyxware Technologies is an ardent proponent of the free software philosophy. His arrival was marked by quite a few changes in Zyxware. The version control system ‘git’, our project tracker, etc are a very few of the changes he put forward in Zyxware. He is a man of integrity and discipline as one can see from the Zyx3 office that he heads. We Zyxians often joke that Zyx3 is the quietest when he is present! He is by nature a quiet, calm horse and he thinks he is an introvert. He has provided technical consultancy for various external agencies like Kerala State IT Mission, State Institute of Encyclopedic Publications, University of Calicut on projects like Malayalam Computing, ICT for Visually challenged people (Insight), Migrating content to Media wiki etc… This is a sneak peek into the mind of our dear Vimal Joseph, the tech genius.
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| 22 min read
Anoop John, CTO, Zyxware Technologies, is a man of many interests and an ardent proponent of the free software philosophy. This man is a polymath who loves to speak, and funnily enough has an opinion on everything under the sun! An avid blogger, he has documented a lot of data in his blog,, which covers his thoughts on topics varying from activism, to sociology, psychology, ethics, law and much more! All that being said, he is a simple man who just wants to make a difference, bring upon a positive change in the society and help his fellow people. This interview with him sheds light on his journey, his philosophies and the kind of man that he is personally.