Facet API

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Drupal 7 provides a flexible supports to create a Taxonomy. There is powerful core module called Taxonomy which allows us to create, manage and apply vocabularies. In Drupal, the terms are gathered within "vocabularies". Taxonomy has a ability to add taxonomy fields to vocabularies and terms. When we come across inserting the taxonomy terms programmatically, we will need to add fields values to that taxonomy term. So In this section we are going to create a custom field values to the taxonomy terms. Below is the code snippet, that is the array structure to create field values.
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I was deep stuck in a Requirement Analysis, when one of my colleagues came to me asking about a feature in Apache Solr search. You may be wondering why she came to me, Trust me that was the exact thought I had at that time. Well, then I realized that the reason she came to me was because I had previously built a website using the Apache solr search with the help of Facet API. While doing that project I had thought of documenting some of the tasks which I had done, but couldn't do so.