Elance tracker

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Elance tracker helps individuals to track the time they have worked and this is automatically populates to work time sheet in elance. And this time sheet is automatically submitted to the client. So if you are working on elance projects some times it is necessary to track time through elance tracker. If incase you came up an error "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: adobeair (>= 1: in Ubuntu 12.04" while installing Elance tracker, you may follow the below steps to resolve it.
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| 2 min read
The following is the shell script that will shutdown all computers in the network. This script will be really help full for system administrators who need not want to check all systems, whether all the systems in the office has been shutdown properly when the employees leave the office. The script will check all the active ips in the network and write the those ips to a file. It also login to each system and execute the shutdown command. The things that are to be done before running the script is to 'Make sure your public-key has been added in the authorized_keys file in .ssh folder of root'. This allows the script to login to each system by the method of public-key authentication rather than prompting for password. And also the 'StrictHostKeyChecking no' will avoid all prompts during ssh.
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Quite often we feel the need for comparing wages in different countries when one is engaging with a global talent pool. We face this need when we evaluate the costs of setting up a development centre in Australia or when we are discussing with a potential hire who is then based out of India. In such scenarios, purchasing power parity is a useful concept to make wage comparisons across different countries meaningful. It might be a slightly crude approach but it can be useful when you are looking for ball parks or quick evaluations.