DrupalCon Asia

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DrupalCon Asia: A significant moment in the history of Drupal Mumbai was surely on cloud nine, with DrupalCon Asia painting the city red in waves of excitement, diversity, and sheer vibrance. The three-day event, held from February 18-21, 2016, in IIT-Bombay, featured high-value summits, interactive knowledge sharing sessions, Birds of a Feather (BOFs) sessions, high-calibre presentations, workshops, training, and week-long code-sprints.
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Mumbai, India's maximum city, is all set to play host to DrupalCon Asia 2016, the biggest, power-packed event of the Drupal Community. DrupalCon Asia 2016 is being held from February 18-21, 2016, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT, Bombay), and this is the first time the event is being held in Asia. The major sponsors of the event are Tata Consultancy Services, Acquia, and Blisstering Solutions. DrupalCon Asia involves learning, collaboration and contribution opportunities, including high-value Summits, Keynotes, Sessions, and BOFs and week-long sprints.
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