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on 03rd June 2013 / by Anoop John
Drupal is a very good technology but at the same time there is a steep learning curve for Drupal. This learning curve limits the number of readily available Drupal developers in the market. Finding capable developers from this limited pool is an even bigger challenge. But why bother hiring developers full time if you can hire Drupal developers on an hourly basis at very affordable rates from India. We will be happy to offer Drupal developers and testers on an hourly billing model to help you augment your Drupal team without taking on the overhead and cost of hiring full time resources. We have more than 150,000 hours of Drupal development experience and we have developers with levels ranging from Junior Developer all the way to Drupal Consultants. Once the developers and testers are allocated to work with you, you will be able to interact with the allocated team directly via the project management system or via skype or email or phone. We will be offering technical consultancy and project management for the project that the developers are working on. Your managers will also be able to coordinate efforts with our project management team. At the end of every week we will be preparing and submitting the weekly status reports with details of activities and hours clocked against the project. Billing will be done on a weekly basis or on a monthly pre-pay basis. We also have alternative engagement models where we offer dedicated Full Time Equivalent drupal developers. If you are looking to hire resources in either model do get in touch with us. Drupal Drupal Development Drupal Developers Drupal India Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

on 30th May 2013 / by Anoop John
If you are looking to find a reliable company in India to outsource your Drupal work then read more to see why we would be a good fit as a partner. Experience in Drupal - We have been exclusively working with Drupal since 2006 and we have clocked more than 150,000 hours of Drupal development. Expertise in Drupal - We have been contributing back to Drupal.org through modules, themes, patches and issue queue support. Our modules and themes are being used by more than 35000 sites across the world. Experience in Outsourced development model - We have delivered more than 120 Drupal projects to clients across the world over these years. Transparency - We follow an agile project development methodology that allows clients to interact very closely with the development team and review and give feedback on the work that is being done. Strong Processes and Systems - Our delivery processes matured over these 7 years will allow us to deliver predictable quality within cost and schedule. Trustworthiness and Reliability - Our long list of repeat clients and partners who have been with us for all these years stands in proof to our trustworthiness and reliability. Sounds interesting? Contact us to discuss more. Drupal Drupal Development Drupal India Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *