Drupal Development

Why is Drupal the ideal content management system for media and entertainment industries?

The Internet has revolutionized the way businesses are being carried out. Every brand and business is engaging their customers or users to interact with them. The media and entertainment industries are no different. They have adopted the creative sharing and interaction strategy to grab the users’ attention and to keep them actively engaged.

How to become a successful Drupal developer

In order to hone your existing skills and make it to the top as a proficient Drupal developer, it is critical to understand and imbibe a few things that will augment your knowledge levels further.You are bound to learn many things along the path to becoming a Drupal developer, yet you shall do well to account for the following tips and succeed at all levels.

Drupal: The new game changer in online business

September 12, 2015 - 12:10

Technology has completely changed the way businesses were operated in the past. Now, marketers can make their products available to the customers at their finger tips at any place and time. About two decades ago, nobody could ever imagine that buying and selling would be carried out in such a seamless manner sans the brick and mortar retail outlets.

Important considerations when choosing a web development framework

The foremost and possibly the most critical decision to be taken at the beginning of any web development project is making the perfect and right choice of a suitable web development framework. We are sure all the team members of the development team would be nodding their heads in agreement and there is a strong and solid reason for this. During its early years, Drupal was questioned for its ability to qualify as a full-fledged development framework. However, within a short span of time, Drupal did prove its capability as a web development framework and established itself as a leader. Today, Drupal is being used by web developers across the world.

Why you need to choose Drupal as your website development framework?

Drupal has been used and adapted by millions of websites across the world and not without reason. This top open source CMS is extremely flexible and robust and has found favour amongst the developer community due to the various qualities it possesses. Across the world, many renowned websites such as virgin.com, weather.com, theeconomist.com and london.gov.uk have applauded its versatility and flexibility, and used the Drupal development framework to their benefit.

Key features of Drupal 8 to be genuinely excited about

August 24, 2015 - 10:31

The last release of Drupal was about three years back and Drupal lovers - site builders, developers and administrators - are more than excited to get their hands on the hottest addition to the Drupal Web Development family, Drupal 8. With over 1700 contributors working diligently at building the latest version of Drupal, it comes as no surprise that Drupal 8 has exceeded the expectations of its loyal users and arrived with a bang.

[Drupal] How to fix the incorrect pager display in drupal 7?

July 02, 2013 - 23:28

In a recent project, I had to make use of pagers in two views. As per the requirement, I had to display different numbers of contents per page for both views. For the first view, I had to display 2 items per page and for the second one(search-results view) 10 per page.The problem I faced was, Eventhough if I had less than 10 search results, the page displayed the pager-links as per the contents of the first view. ie, both the views showed same number of pagers, which was wrong. If you want to know, how I fixed this, please read on.

Should you use Wordpress or Drupal for your company Website?

When you set out to build a website for your company there are a lot of aspects that you should be considering while deciding on the technology decisions. Based on these different aspects and based on how you prioritize between them the technology decisions that you take would vary. Going for a Content Management System is a no brainer if you wish to manage the content on your site. Both Drupal and Wordpress are good choices for building your new company website. However there are differences between them and this is an attempt to help you make a decision on this.