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Top 5 problems faced by E-commerce site owners

A successful online store is the dream of every online business owner. When you are open 24/7, 365 days of the year, the logical thinking is that the business should increase proportionately. But sales might not be happening as you anticipated. Effective marketing, Site optimization, Content generation, Site’s responsiveness are all integral to a successful e-commerce site.

Drupal: Giving a new dimension to Omnichannel marketing

Businesses are engaging in different innovative strategies to develop and deliver various digital marketing experiences across the market. Marketing strategies are spirally evolving. From a personal door to door marketing concept, the strategy has moved to wider mass marketing while delivering personalized content. Omnichannel marketing is about providing this experience consistently over all channels.

Keep your website secure with Drupal!

Security Audits play a crucial role in an organization’s ongoing effort to address security concerns. After identifying any potential security issues, remedial steps need to adopted; in fact, a Security audit is one of the first steps that need to be taken. No organization in its right mind would want to leave their websites vulnerable to hacking, and conducting a security audit is the best way to tackle security issues.

Choosing Drupal for your media site: Things you need to know

Media websites are large and heavy configurations due to the enormous amount of data, including videos, images etc. and need a robust content management system in order to fulfil the expectations from it. A media house is no different from other businesses and monetization is a crucial factor that needs to be considered before going online. Of course there are other areas that also need attention such as responsiveness, content management etc.

Harnessing the power of Drupal in healthcare sector

The healthcare industry is facing multiple challenges and is looking for robust solutions to solve these problems. A looming problem that needs immediate attention is how to create open lines of cross communication between doctors in diverse practices. This will ultimately help physicians to interconnect and improve the overall care of patients.

Drupal for your business: Why it is the best CMS for SEO?

An efficient online sales and branding strategy requires an attractive, professionally designed website. Your business website goes a long way in creating an impression on your customers and prospective buyers. In addition to sales, your corporate website should also convey the appropriate brand message across to your target audience. A combination of website aesthetics with higher search engine rankings is necessary for an excellent web strategy.

Digitization: Fueling the growth of Media & Entertainment industry in 2016

The process of converting information into a digital format is known as Digitization. Here the information is organized into units called bits which can be individually addressed. This binary data is processed by computers and other devices having the capacity to compute. Digitizing information makes it easier to save, access and share across various platforms to any place in the world.

Powering change: Building a Digital Marketing Platform with Drupal

Over the years, marketing has dramatically evolved with the fast-changing preferences of consumers. Today, marketers are employing multi-channel digital marketing techniques to communicate with their target audience. This approach will increase the company’s digital presence; will help them gain more audience and loyal customers.

Stay on top of your game: Managing digital content with Drupal

In this era of instant publishing, media organizations with a massive amount of assets such as photographs, PDFs, graphics and videos require the means to centrally store and process them in order to share them across multiple websites. Media companies have to manage and distribute relevant digital content across these multiple locations in the right size, with the appropriate titles and with the necessary copyright information.

Migrate to Drupal the easy and smooth way!

As a user and developer, you would have surely heard about Drupal, an open source Content Management system (CMS) that has great developer network and is free and most secure too. All said and done, if you decide to make the transition from your existing CMS to Drupal, you would surely want to understand the steps to be taken, the cost involved etc. before you take the plunge. If the right kind of homework is done prior to migration, your team will be better prepared for the change and will also keep the migration costs down.

8 reasons why you should use Drupal for your next website

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system that runs on PHP. Today, the Drupal community is backed by over a million developers and users. Several high profile websites including the top government websites in the world runs on the Drupal Framework.But why are so many institutions and businesses switching over to Drupal?

5 reasons why Drupal is the best CMS for building an SEO-friendly website

Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) plays a vital role in deciding the future of any business, especially online businesses. Search engine results are responsible for driving traffic to websites and the results which are displayed on the first page are the most attractive to users like us.

Why is Drupal the best choice for Responsive/Adaptive Web Design?

Responsive sites and adaptive sites are the same in the sense that they both change appearance based on the browser environment they are being viewed on. One of the major challenges in creating a web design is how to create one that has lasting value, at least for a planned period of time. It is more likely that a first time visitor/customer may not be familiar with your products or services. There are other possibilities that your visitor is in a real hurry, or they’re on an iPad, at a coffee shop. Or maybe they’re on some device for which a website hasn’t been planned yet.

Hire the best drupal developers, give your business a superior edge!

The key to the success of any IT business is their competency to complete projects within a given time frame as per the specifications provided by the client. It is also critical for the company not to overshoot the budget allocated, as this could unbalance the entire project. In case of any of the above slip-ups, the reputation of the organization will be severely affected. Many organizations also consider putting together an in-house team to run the project, but there are a few inherent risks that need to be considered. Moreover, it could also add to the overall cost of the project budget.