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Finding the best of anything is always a tricky question especially if you are likely to have a bias in the decision and the decision is a subjective one. So we are not going to try to answer the question about which is the best Drupal company in India. Instead we can easily list out three of the oldest Drupal companies in India and let you make a call on which of these suites your requirements best. I have to add a disclaimer that we are the second oldest exclusive Drupal company in India.
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If you had asked for the best Drupal company in India then the answer would have been a lot more difficult than the one to this question. This is a straightforward question and does not have to depend on subjective opinions and biases or the authors of this article. Drupal is fast growing into one of the most popular enterprise CMSes out there and every other vendor is trying to see if they can build their own Drupal teams but nobody can really go back and claim the spots in the list of the oldest Drupal companies in India.