Drupal Audit

Keep your website secure with Drupal!

Security Audits play a crucial role in an organization’s ongoing effort to address security concerns. After identifying any potential security issues, remedial steps need to adopted; in fact, a Security audit is one of the first steps that need to be taken. No organization in its right mind would want to leave their websites vulnerable to hacking, and conducting a security audit is the best way to tackle security issues.

[Drupal] How do you know if your Drupal site is built right?

Drupal is a powerful portal framework and a content management system. However the power of the system can really be tapped into if the site is built right. Whether a Drupal site is built right or not is not something that may not be very obvious in all scenarios or for an untrained eye. There are definitely implications for not building Drupal right but the implications may not be very evident always. So how do you know if a Drupal site is built right?

[drupal] How do you evaluate the quality of build of your Drupal website?

Quite often we get support requests from clients who believe that 95% of their site is working fine but for a few lingering issues which their previous developers could not fix / complete. In most cases the lingering issues are more symptoms of bad builds than pending issues. In such cases we usually insist on a full Drupal review and audit of the site before we work on the issues. The client would normally be shocked to know that there were a lot of things on the site that were not done right but it would be too late for any corrections by the original developers. So how do you know if your Drupal site is built right?