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on 30th November 2016 / by Safia.F.Mohiuddin
Drupal scores better than most platforms for Online Marketing success. For a large part of the online marketing community, this might sound cynical owing to popular Drupal myths. However, Drupal is one of the most powerful content management platforms enjoying a high ranking. Drupal SEO friendly features help websites achieve better ratings on the search engine for the same kind of content. On the periphery, Drupal does this through a number of inbuilt features: Clean, readable URLs enabled with content rendering through meta tags and XML sitemaps Link building through its authoritative ranking, resulting in quality back links Seamless connectivity to social media platforms right from your website Further to this, Drupal supports the creation of quality content, delivered through web standards compliant, search engine friendly websites with the best features to support its management and presentation. Incomparable Content Handling Mechanisms through Drupal Multiple Content Types With Drupal, you can easily create content that creates value, in multiple formats including pages, blogs, books, articles, polls, videos, and podcasts. Most of the content features offered through the Drupal platform are available either out-of-the-box or through extensible modules allowing the creation of new content types such as FAQ, press releases, complex listings or testimonials without much effort. In addition, while creating custom content types, Drupal allows comprehensive control over form fields and the way they are displayed. Flexible Content Presentation Drupal allows mobile-friendly interfaces and interoperability between multiple device platforms encapsulating user experiences unique to each device and built according to the needs of different target markets. Effective Content Management Drupal enables role-based permissions, allowing multiple bloggers to handle content securely. With Drupal, it is possible to grant limited permissions for the publishing of content and display content with discretion only to the relevant audience. Drupal’s Online Marketing and Social Media Integration Strategies Drupal development companies enable a broad scope of solutions to help you execute an effective online marketing and social media plan: Drupal is both flexible and agile and enables websites to integrate seamlessly with other blogs, ratings, and wikis for greater online market reach. Digital marketers can easily manage content for intensive campaigns involving multiple marketing channels and multiple web platforms. Personalization features built into Drupal allow websites to be delivered to multi-lingual audience from a centralized dashboard. Digital analytics and website performance can be easily tracked through Drupal to analyze visitor behavior and traffic. Drupal modules that can take care of your specialized website needs including e-commerce transactions, currency conversions or calculation intensive functions. By enabling creation of compelling landing pages and call to action controls, Drupal serves as an ideal platform for lead management and marketing automation. As a final point, Drupal offers high security to configuration files and backs up any user concerns through security support offered by drupal.org. Zyxware helps progressive organizations embrace Drupal for smart & secure online marketing. Our expertise with Drupal can deliver the right combination of modules from a plethora of available features to help you meet your online marketing goals effortlessly. To know more about what we can do in Drupal, get in touch with us. References:https://drupal.com/https://www.drupal.org/ Drupal agency Digital Marketing Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

on 29th January 2016 / by Moses Raymond
The key to the success of any IT business is their competency to complete projects within a given time frame as per the specifications provided by the client. It is also critical for the company not to overshoot the budget allocated, as this could unbalance the entire project. In case of any of the above slip-ups, the reputation of the organization will be severely affected. Many organizations also consider putting together an in-house team to run the project, but there are a few inherent risks that need to be considered. Moreover, it could also add to the overall cost of the project budget. Considering the above, it makes great business sense to gravitate towards two delivery models which could play a crucial part in meeting long-term goals too and making the project a successful one. Staff Augmentation Project Outsourcing How to hire the right Drupal agency? Hiring a Drupal agency is more like adding an extension to your organization who will partner with you and drive a project to its successful completion. This makes it all the more important to critically scan the agency being considered. There are a few questions that need to be asked before arriving at a decision: Will the agency provide on-time support for managing critical problems? Will it follow all functional disciplines to ensure project delivery within the budget and on time? Does it have enough backup strength? Is Project Manager Interface available in and out of the development centre? Does the agency employ the latest available technology to meet the time deadlines? Is it a norm to run frequent demos that give an idea of the progress of the project? In short, the Drupal staffing agency should have the ability to think out-of-the-box and manage system design, project deliverable, and most importantly, the documentation related to the project. A professional and experienced agency will also provide the organization a complete Project team dossier that includes their qualifications and work experience, as this helps in understanding the team’s capabilities and skill sets. Drupal staff augmentation: How does it benefit your business? Staff augmentation includes employing contractual staff on behalf of the client (pertaining to the project in hand) which can be added as per the requirements of the project. This method is flexible as it helps in curtailing the expenses on full-time employees. Some of the advantages of Drupal staffing are: Controlling team members and associates is fairly easy and so is checking upon their work progress on a day-to-day basis It gives the flexibility to increase or decrease the resources based on the projects’ varying needs. As employees are contractual in nature, the commercial terms and contracts are fairly simple. Liabilities towards contractual staff is lesser than full-time employees. Training need not be comprehensive as experienced staff can be hired If your organization is scouting for partners with solid expertise and deep knowledge, Zyxware has the right mix of experience and skills to associate with. With over 9 years of experience in the Drupal industry, Zyxware has evolved a seamless and transparent staffing process. We emphasize primarily on timely completion of the project using the right amount of project management resources and couple them with the latest technological expertise. Our qualified staff provide you the desired results that you expect from a focused organization. Why you need to choose Zyxware? Adoption of the industry best practices and use of proven methodologies Extensive knowledge in Drupal and sufficient technical expertise Delivering high-quality Drupal services in line with the requirements as well as the assigned budget costs Acquia (Drupal) Partner and Drupal Association Member Global Delivery model offers onsite, offsite, and offshore expertise Project manager interface available inside and outside the development center Flexible engagement model Dedicated team of highly experienced Drupal programmers Regular communication throughout the course of the project via Phone/Skype/Chat/Email Cost-effective pricing structure that brings maximum returns on investments Round-the-clock technical support 100% confidentiality We shall be glad to provide you all the necessary details for Drupal staffing. get in touch with us to know more about our Drupal website development services. References: Which is better: Staff augmentation or Project outsourcing?Drupal StaffingDrupal Staff Augmentation: Finding Partner Value Drupal Development services Drupal Developers Drupal agency Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *