Database Administration

How to enable transactions with Mysql and Python

Sometimes we may require updating several rows of data with different queries and make sure every query execute correctly to keep the database consistency. Here is a simple solution to enable such transactions with Mysql and Python. To do this, we can start a transaction and commit the changes to the table. The data will be written to the table only after the commit statement is executed. If there is an error in between, we can rollback, so that all the inconsistencies are cleared.

Oracle XE - Solution to 'cannot access' errors

We provide Oracle administration support on GNU Linux Servers. One of our customers had us set up a new Oracle XE server for them on CentOS. We set up everything and had the system up and running fine. We had also tested everything on the server and verified connection status from clients. Two days after installation we got a call from the customer that he could not open the Oracle XE web administration interface and he was getting an access denied, page not found error on