Data Migration

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| 3 min read
This article is prepared with the experience of migration on and I have tried my best to generalize it to migrate any Drupal 6 website to Drupal 7. The issues mentioned in these articles, although common in sites that have been migrated, need not be present in yours. Please learn from these articles and keep these articles as a safe practice, not as a guide to migration. Migration is different for every website!
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| 4 min read
Effectiveness of digital marketing has always been a controversial subject. For some businesses​, it is a winning proposition while for others, it is a loss making machine. The reason for this may be the perspective with which one approaches digital marketing. It is like a weapon which can be used to conquer your enemy's territory. If you use it well, then you will win. If not, it can back fire, that too dramatically.
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| 7 min read
Ecommerce used to be the preferred ecommerce solution for Drupal before Ubercart came into the picture. We recently worked on upgrading a Drupal 5 site with Ecommerce to Drupal 7 with Ubercart. The challenge with this upgrade was that the source data existed only in the D5 database and the corresponding code to programmatically access the ecommerce data was in D5 as well while the destination tables existed only in the D7 database with the corresponding code existing only in the D7 database. The solution we went with was to go for a full SQL query based migration to copy over the Ecommerce data from its tables to the Ubercart tables.