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Zyxware Technologies has developed and contributed CiviWCI (CiviCRM Widget Creation Interface) to the Free Software Foundation to assist in the fund raising campaign that FSF is launching in Dec 2014. The extension is expected to help FSF create “Donate Now” and “Join Now” widgets (fund raising and newsletter subscription) that can be embedded on any site that wishes to support FSF. This extension will replace the earlier widget system used by FSF. Through this contribution, Zyxware once again reaffirms its commitment to Free Software and the community around Free Software. CiviWCI is a CMS independent extension for creating and managing embeddable widgets, which can display content from various CiviCRM properties such as Donate links, Progress bar, Malinglist signup forms, html text etc. The Widget Creation Interface (WCI) also offers the flexibility to CiviCRM users to customize the look and feel of the widgets. The widget can be embedded on any website, irrespective of the technology or platform used. CiviCRM is a web­-based, open source, highly customizable, Constituency Relationship Management (CRM) software aimed at meeting the needs of non­profit and other civic­sector organizations. CiviCRM's robust feature set enables organizations to promote their organizational objectives through contact management, fundraising, event management, member management, mass e­mail marketing, peer­to­peer campaigns, case management, and lots more. CiviCRM is best integrated with Drupal but it has integrations with Wordpress and Joomla as well. Prerequisites: CMS (Any CMS supported by CiviCRM, we prefer Drupal) CiviCRM Version 4.4.7 or above Features: Enables users to create embeddable widgets with the support of the existing CiviCRM components such as contribution pages and mailinglists. Progress bars can be created and added to widgets which allows the user to know the current contribution status. Facilitates users to modify the widget appearing in a website without changing the embed code. With WCI, it is possible to cache the widget to reduce the load on the CiviCRM server. Please refer to the link below for more details: For further information about the widget and to customize the widget for your organization, please do get in touch with us. Community Projects Free Software News Contributions CiviCRM FSF Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker * Peter Bull (not verified) access_time 23 May 2019 - 11:45 Hi. I'm using CiviCRM with Wordpress for a non-profit sports club in the UK. We have only just started to trial CiviCRM to control our membership system, the numbers of which are quite modest at the moment. We are looking for a widget to embed in a sidebar to show the number of current members that we have at any given time, that would populate itself by data from the CiviCRM membership database. Could you please tell us whether your proposed extension would be capable of doing that or be adapted to do that? Many thanks Peter Add new comment

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We are organizing a company wide blood donation drive at Zyxware to celebrate India's 68th Independence day. We will be going to Sree Chithira Thirunal hospital (SCTIMST) at around 11AM on 16th Aug, 2014. We invite people who are interested in donating blood to come and join us. We can meet in front of SCTIMST and then go to the blood bank from there. SCTIMST is a Government of India institute and is a prestigious educational institution. (Google Maps) Blood cannot be manufactured and there is a constant requirement for hospitals to source blood to take care of patients. Blood is typically required by people who meet with accidents, who have to undergo surgeries or who have specific medical conditions requiring transfusions. Donating blood is a very easy way to help save lives. Here are some facts about donating blood. * Each time you donate blood you will be able to donate around 300 - 450 ml (1 unit) of blood which is less than 1/10th of the total volume of blood in your body. * You can help up to 3 different people with the 1 unit of blood that you donate * The process of blood donation is a painless process (well almost but for the needle prick) * The process of blood donation is a very safe procedure and uses sterilized equipment * Body will recover the lost fluid in a few hours * Body will recover Red Blood Cells (RBC) in around 60 days * You will not feel weak / tired after blood donation. All you have to do is to drink enough water to recover the lost fluid. * A healthy person can donate blood safely once every 3 months * Even if you do not donate blood your RBC has a lifetime of only around 100 - 120 days and is being continuously replenished by the body. * You get a free medical checkout and blood test with your donation. * You can donate blood and get out in approximately an hour. * Once you donate blood and you or your close ones need blood later for any situation you will be given priority allocation of blood from the blood bank. You will be given a certificate for this. You can read more about blood donation here. The staff at SCTIMST blood bank are very friendly and they would be happy to share more information about blood donation and they will also be able to answer any questions you may have around blood donation. Even if you are not sure whether you would want to donate blood we would invite you to visit the blood bank with us and get to know more about blood donation and perhaps donate once your questions / concerns are addressed. Remember - Donating blood saves lives News Corporate Social Responsibility Contributions Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

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One of the challenges with working with dynamic websites is that you have to keep fighting malicious users who regularly sap your server capacity with rogue crawling of your site. To do this you would have to monitor and analyze the traffic patterns on the server regularly. You would definitely want to do this when you have load spikes on the server and you wish to find out the IP addresses, user agents and the specific URLs which resulted in these spikes. This is all the more relevant in Drupal sites where a rogue bot can take down the site when proper DDOS mechanisms are not set in place. The latest copy of the script can be downloaded from You can copy the script to /usr/local/bin or into some folder which is in your $PATH variable on the server. Remember to configure the script with the path to your apache access log. You can update the default value of the variable log_file to wherever your apache log file is located. Also do note that the script was written for the specific log file format used in our servers. You might want to tweak the awk parameters if your apache log file uses a different format. Alternatively you can use the following as your apache log file format in apache.conf LogFormat "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %O \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" combined and then ensure that your log format is set up as combined in your virtualhost configuration CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined The following are some example usage patterns ls-httpd url 1000 will find top URLs in the last 1000 access log entries ls-httpd ip 1000 will find top IPs in the last 1000 access log entries ls-httpd agent 1000 will find top user agents in the last 1000 access log entries ls-httpd url 17: will find top URLs from 17:00:00 to 17:59:59 ls-httpd url 17:2 will find top URLs from 17:20:00 to 17:29:59 ls-httpd url 17:21 will find top URLs from 17:21:00 to 17:21:59 ls-httpd url 17 will find top URLs in the last 17 access log entries :-) Hope you find this useful. Drupal Free Software Apache Shell Scripting BASH Scripting DDOS Contributions Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *