The lure of starting an eCommerce business with little or no investment, enormous growth potential, and 24/7 operation each year draws so many people globally to venture into online business.
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The problem: HTML elements have inconsistent sizes across different browsers. The solution: Set box-sizing for all elements to border-box. A long-time bane for web developers, Internet Explorer did one thing right: It sized boxes properly. Other browsers only look at the content when calculating the width of an HTML element, with everything else treated as surplus. A width: 200px div, with 20px padding and a 2px border, renders as 242 pixels wide.
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Blocks in Drupal can be assigned to regions in specified pages. Two options which are already in Drupal 7's block configuration page are: All pages except those listed Only the listed pages And if you have enabled the PHP filter module, you may find another option: Pages on which this PHP code returns TRUE (experts only) In this article,I am going to explain to you, how you can display a block on pages based on the value returned by PHP code.
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For any site - be it Drupal or non-Drupal, this is most probably due to simple mistakes made while entering attributes. Let us see one very common case where a simple mistake can cause glaring issues: We usually see the css given something like this. We do not see any glaring issue in the class defined below. #header { background:url("images/headback.png")repeat-x; width:1020px; height:120px; font-family:arial; position:relative; }