How to Implement Redis in Drupal 8?

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For one of my project, I have implemented the Redis module in Drupal 8. I have used the following configurations as follows:

  • First I download Redis module for a Drupal 8 environment and stored it in 'modules/contrib' directory and enabled the same.
  • For the working of Redis module we need its libraries, so first you have to download the phpredis php extension library from Extract the entire contents of the archive into the 'libraries/' folder.

For the working of Redis in local server we have add php extension to our local server. For this follow the steps for seting up Redis Server

  • After that update the settings.php file with the following code:

    $settings['redis.connection']['interface'] = 'PhpRedis';
        // Host ip address.
        $settings['redis.connection']['host']      = '';
        $settings['cache']['default'] = 'cache.backend.redis';
        // Redis port.
        $settings['redis.connection']['port']      = '6379';
        $settings['redis.connection']['base']      = 12;
        // Password of redis updated in php.ini file.
        $settings['redis.connection']['password'] = "password";
        $settings['cache']['bins']['bootstrap'] = 'cache.backend.chainedfast';
        $settings['cache']['bins']['discovery'] = 'cache.backend.chainedfast';
        $settings['cache']['bins']['config'] = 'cache.backend.chainedfast';
  • Create services.yml and add the below code in it.

      # Cache tag checksum backend. Used by redis and most other cache backend
      # to deal with cache tag invalidations.
       class: Drupal\redis\Cache\RedisCacheTagsChecksum
       arguments: ['@redis.factory']
         - { name: cache_tags_invalidator }
      # Replaces the default lock backend with a redis implementation.
        class: Drupal\Core\Lock\LockBackendInterface
        factory: ['@redis.lock.factory', get]
      # Replaces the default persistent lock backend with a redis implementation.
        class: Drupal\Core\Lock\LockBackendInterface
        factory: ['@redis.lock.factory', get]
        arguments: [true]
      # Replaces the default flood backend with a redis implementation.
        class: Drupal\Core\Flood\FloodInterface
        factory: ['@redis.flood.factory', get]

Hope this is useful.