Ecommerce Expo-London UK: Calling all Ecommerce Retailers
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Ecommerce Expo arguably the only show in the UK that covers the whole e-commerce landscape, from acquisition to customer service is all set to start tomorrow. Covering the whole gamut of e-commerce including B2B, B2C the two-day event will be held on the 27th and 28th of September 2017 at the Olympia National Hall in London, United Kingdom. The event will focus on the key challenges faced by organisations in the e-commerce sphere including

  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Customer Service
  • Logistics & Fulfilment
  • Multi-Channel Solutions
  • Payments
  • Security
  • Cross-Border
  • Delivery

A look into the sessions slotted for the next two days gives us an insight into what is trending and what are the key concerns faced by e-commerce businesses. Here are some of the session topics for the next two days

Customer Experience and AI

  • Use of Cognitive Computing to create a visible and effectively differentiable customer experience

Combining artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to enable a seamless customer experience. The use of cognitive technologies to deliver a differentiated customer experience for a productive and satisfactory customer journey while enabling the merchandisers and marketers to be more effective.

  • How to measure customer experience and stay ahead of the competition

Remaining relevant in today’s fast-paced business landscape by a delivering a great customer experience. Getting insights into

  • How to measure customer experience?
  • Where does customer experience start and end in the digital world?
  • Who will primarily be responsible for the customer experience?
  • The beginning of the age of AI marketing: where do we stand now and what’s next?

As Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence top Gartner’s hype cycle, how AI will change marketing, and it’s foreseeable impact?

  • Harnessing the power of data

Looking into the usability of data and what can be achieved using the data insights.

  • Turning data into insights

  • The challenge of building an AI only e-commerce site

  • Subscription e-commerce on the rise! What is in the heart of it?


  • Optimising online conversion through strategic partners: Using Performance Marketing to deliver smarter results

  • Using marketing technologies to deliver a winning customer experience

  • Do customers behave in a consistent and measurable way?

  • Social media to form deeper customer connections and generate social buzz

  • Connecting the dots between mobile customer experience and ROI

  • Using market data to understand your performance

  • Why online brands need to think like tech companies to grow

  • The Digital Customer Under the Microscope- Adopting a customer-centric approach to digital transformation

  • How Predictive Analytics accelerates B2B Marketing Success?

  • Refining the customer experience in the digital era

  • Machine Learning + A.I. Scaling True Personalisation

  • Providing true 1:1 marketing by bridging the gap between data and personalised customer experience.

  • How to truly personalize your online customer experience?

  • Customers are changing the e-commerce landscape and why it’s still just the beginning

Online security for business

Staying aware of potential cyber threats and how to prevent our business from being compromised by common online threats. Keeping data safe and the 101 on how to deal with a security break.


  • Treating customers as individuals and not groups

How to deliver a customer experience for customers such that each customer is treated as the same unique person throughout their shopping journey, allowing for a seamless purchase process?

The journey the audience will take across different channels( online, bricks- and mortar, customer service, mobile etc demonstrating personalisation do’s and don’ts as well as offering examples of retailers who deliver best in class shopping experience today.

  • What key tactics and technologies power a highly personalised shopping experience?
  • Why integrated data (such as inventory, price, product description, customer behaviour) across systems, platforms, and channels is critical to developing a holistic view of a shopper’s journey?
  • How to create a true omni-channel experience that ultimately generates more revenue?

Customer Acquisition

  • Bottom Funnel Conversion Optimisation

From on-site targeting to email, through product reviews and retargeting, how to drive conversion whilst maintaining positive ROI. You’ll get practical tips on how to develop a conversion optimisation roadmap and execute the steps along the way with an approach that suits your business’s customers, objectives and budget.

  • Game changing email marketing automations

  • Finding the best opportunities for growth

  • How integrating product search engine changes mobile shopping experience

  • How to turn the existing data into revenue growth

  • Connecting the dots between mobile customer experience and ROI

  • Using market data to understand your performance

  • Moving toward audience-focused marketing

Modern shoppers are multi-device by default and they expect high-quality cross-channel experiences however they engage

  • What audience-focused marketing is and why it’s important
  • Multi-device journeys– how shoppers vary their usage and why
  • Tips for supporting high quality cross-channel experiences

Payment & Fulfilment

  • Cross-Border Payments giving a market edge

  • Managing transaction volumes with velocity

What are the benefits of attending the Expo?

7000 from the e-commerce community have already made the choice to visit the show.

  • Get actionable insight from 150 masters of their craft
  • Get inspired by cutting-edge e-commerce technology from over 100 suppliers to optimise user experience
  • Have intelligent conversations with peers who have streamlined their business and adapted to the changing needs of the e-commerce customer

What happens at the expo?

Connect with a service

Browse a list of exhibitors matched to your needs and arrange targeted, face-to-face sessions with the suppliers to solve your business problems.

Matching popular demand

Conversion Optimisation Theatre, Payment Fulfilment Theatre, Customer Insights Theatre, The Lab: A unique platform for suppliers to demonstrate their products and the Keynote Arena


including IBM Watson(live demonstration), Google Digital Garage, Comic Relief, Forrester, The Body Shop, Amazon, BT etc.


Amazon Business, Zendesk, Shopware, SAP Hybris, Ranpak, Foregenix, Brightpearl, DPD, SABIO among others

Customer Experience Zone

This will not be the usual Customer Service limited to contact centre but will have zones for Customer Insight, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Experience too.

If you are an e-commerce business owner, do you have a concern or need that is not reflected in the topics covered? We would love to hear from you!

Zyxware Technologies, a leading web design and development company can help you with all the web application and development needs for your e-commerce website. To get it touch with us, click here!

To know more about the event go to eCommerce Expo 2017, London UK



on 30th November 2015 / by nayanathara
Staying ahead of your competitors in today's fast-moving markets is not an easy job. Your competitors might be continuously releasing a host of better products and adopting the latest technologies and aggressive pricing strategies. In this scenario, your success is determined by pricing intelligence – and this has to be accurate and completely up-to-date. Online shopping has created a strong sense of consumer empowerment by giving the consumers a range of choices and making it easier to for them to purchase things. Moreover, it has also triggered the trend of comparing the product prices and making the final decision to buy the product on minimal margins. Compare prices, double your e-commerce sales Price comparison is an innovative concept that has dramatically transformed the E-commerce industry. Price comparison tools or price crawlers or shopping robots, employ crawling techniques or web data extraction to automatically scan web pages and retrieve the prices of a product. In this way, a price comparison tool helps to fetch a significant amount of product and pricing data and uses Data intelligence to display the data feeds. So what you ultimately get are real-time price updates, helping you stay on top of your game. Comparison shopping engines: What do they exactly do? Comparison shopping engines (CSE's) such as, and PriceGrabber give ecommerce merchants the opportunity to attract new customers, increase sales, and go head-to-head against the competition. Comparison shopping engines gather all kinds of information about products from the participating retailers including the pricing, which is displayed on the results page when a shopper enters his/her search query. This enables the shoppers to compare the price offered by each retailer and the shipping options and ultimately select the retailer that offers the best overall value. Benefits for businesses: Gives your business a competitive edge: Pricing is always the crucial factor in making a buying decision. By using price comparison tools, business owners can maintain a check on prices offered by their competitors. You can even create a promotional strategy such as providing discounts or revalue price points to attract a lot more consumers. Pricing Intelligence: Price Intelligence offers you greater visibility into the pricing of your competitors as well as the array of products that they offer. It also helps you make significant pricing decisions and building pricing strategies that are lucrative for your business. Analysis of current market trends: With comparison tools, the current market trends can be analyzed. The positives as well as the negatives can be accurately assessed and improvements can be made accordingly. Effectively track consumer buying patterns: Price comparison tools can be used to effectively track the buying patterns of consumers. This enables business owners to find out the impact on the existing consumers, how to draw new ones and what is essentially needed to enhance the traffic for their products and categories. Improved customer services: To stand out in the market, you need to have a better customer service. Using product and pricing data, customer service can be invariably improved. Benefits for customers: Whenever you’re buying any product, particularly expensive ones, it’s always best to do a comprehensive research and comparison of prices so that you get the right products at the right price. Price comparison tools give consumers a tremendous amount of bargaining power. Besides, it enables shoppers to get the best deals and save a significant amount of money. Here's something worth thinking about... Today, price comparison sites are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the world wide web. So, if you are on the lookout for cheaper products and services, and want to shop pretty quickly, then price comparison tools offer plenty of choices for you. But this is just one side of the coin. Is it a good idea to display competitor prices on your e-commerce site? Does it involve serious ethical issues? Think before you take the big leap! Be part of the discussion and share your valuable comments on the same. References: How to Save Money With Price Comparison Tools Five Best Price tracking tools The 11 Best Shopping Apps to Compare Prices Costly comparison How do comparison shopping sites make a living? An update Ecommerce Price crawler Price comparison tools Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

on 02nd December 2015 / by Moses Raymond
The online e-commerce and retail websites are growing at a super fast rate and are evolving into better sites constantly. As consumers expect to get newer and better experiences every time they shop, the technology driving these sites too needs to be growing and evolving simultaneously too. This will ensure that the modern shopper is given a whole new shopping experience with every trip to the online store. In its latest version, Drupal 8 has made adequate changes and additions to its platform to elevate the engagement level with the consumer. Drupal ecommerce sites have the innate capability of merging commerce and content, ensuring that the customer goes through a wholesome content-driven experience. Being an open source system, Drupal Commerce is extremely customizable and a dedicated e-commerce framework which allows the user to tailor the website design in terms of the structure and design. Why Drupal Commerce? Stores that have a huge inventory of colours/sizes/options benefit a lot when using Drupal commerce for their website, as it allows quick and easy expandability and maintenance is hassle-free. Ease of billing and shipping is an advantage as every SKU is allotted as a separate node, which means that every field has a different weight and spec. Robust features such as promo codes, discounts, tax calculations etc. are extremely easy to add to the framework. With the inclusion of shopping cart and checkout process, Drupal Commerce is a totally integrated package. Store makeovers for older establishments and additions/improvements for better functions make Drupal commerce completely future-proof. Drupal 8 is a focused mobile-ready platform that has been built and upgraded as per the changing technology and increased use of hand-held devices like mobiles and tablets. This mobile-first approach is expected from a first-rate platform like Drupal 8, as the future of ecommerce literally lies in the hands of the consumer. Laptops and personal computers lag far behind while considering the usage of mobile phones for access to shopping sites. Drupal 8 has game-changing features which augur well for the future of commerce: Improved loading speed: Drupal 8 has reduced the front-end usage, drastically boosting the loading speeds. This also aids in retaining traffic and decreasing the bounce rate. Mobile toolbar: The administrative toolbar has made access to the various areas of the site easier, while collapsing icons allows vertical orientation for small sized screens. Responsive Theming: As per the use of the devices, whether it is a laptop or a mobile, themes like Stark, Batik and Seven, make automatic size changes to elements and blocks. These features are responsible for making Drupal 8 a winner in all departments and has paved the path for the future of commerce for mobile users. Developers are bound to take to Drupal 8 in a flash, and that’s the sole reason why Zyxware has focused on this fascinating development in the world of web development. Call us to know more about our Drupal development services and ensures that your ecommerce site has the winning edge of Drupal 8 that makes customers happy. References: Drupal 8 is Mobile-first, Global ready Ubercart Vs Drupal Commerce – Which Platform Should eCommerce Owners Choose In 2015 The Future of Commerce on Drupal 8 (and beyond) Drupal Development services Drupal Development Drupal 8 Ecommerce Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *

on 21st December 2015 / by Moses Raymond
Ecommerce is evolving at lightning speed and so is the technology that backs it. Recent surveys have pointed out that the dependence on physical purchases for certain products and services will significantly reduce in the coming years, and by 2018, 50% of the world’s population would be part of the online shopping revolution that is sweeping across the globe. In the coming years, ecommerce businesses will have to work smarter to devise newer ways of gaining and retaining customers with better strategies and attractive offers. As 2015 comes to a close, let us look at the ecommerce trends that are expected to rock the New Year. Evolving Buying patterns and behaviour: ecommerce businesses will have to dig deep into their historical data and analyse their customer’s behavioural pattern with regard to: What drives their buying decisions? What do they search for? Why do customers search the way they do? Once this analysis is done, organizations will find it easier to hold the customer’s attention and drive them towards decision-making. This could also lead to a tremendous increase in sales. Mobile-way or no-way: As an organization, you might have already taken the step towards making your website mobile-friendly. If not, it isn’t too late to do so as your potential customer is already a mobile user, and it is the best way to reach and influence his buying pattern. As per the statistics, around 5 billion individuals around the globe own a smartphone and is gravitating towards m-commerce. By 2017, 50% of ecommerce revenue from the US is expected to come from mobile shopping. Hence, reaching out to your potential customer via his/her mobile is the way to future growth and not doing so will take away a large chunk of your business revenue away. Multi-channel Shopping: Surveys indicate that a consumer may not only browse or make purchases using a particular device but could use devices depending on his location. For example, a desktop may be a preferred device for an individual in office while the mobile may be favoured at homes or public places. In this scenario – that involves the use of a variety of channels by the customer in the shopping process - your organization would do well to device a multi-pronged strategy, thus ensuring that you do not miss out on any possible sales or engagement opportunity. The Social Media route: Mobile phones and other handheld devices have pushed the social media interaction to unimaginable levels, as social media users are not location-specific or time-specific. Social media marketing has made promotion of products and special deals as easy as making a phone call. Understand your social media options at hand and choose the best that works for your business. To understand and implement the latest ecommerce trends that will augment your business, join hands with Zyxware and explore the most viable options for your organization. We have fine-tuned IT solutions to near perfection and will be happy to partner with you in boosting your online business.To know more about our Drupal website development services, please get in touch with us. References: 7 ecommerce trends to watch out for in 2016 The 2015 Global Retail E-Commerce Index™ 5 Ecommerce Trends That Will Be Game Changers in 2016 Drupal Development services Ecommerce mobile commerce online shopping Leave a reply Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marker *
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