How to Improve the Analysis for Webpage Load Time?

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Speed of page load is determined by how fast the page loads when the URL for the page is called. This involves loading all the components for the webpage. These elements will affect the page load time for a webpage. This includes images, CSS, JavaScript files, etc. Load time is also affected by factors like the type of the server used for hosting, the bandwidth allocated to browse the site, the geographic location of the user, etc.

To improve the user experience and sustain users to the website, it is recommended to have page load time optimized.

Commonly used Tools to check Webpage Load Time are :

  2. https://tools.pingdom.comer

These can be Used to Measure Page Load Time in Terms of :

  1. Location of user.
  2. Connection speed.
  3. Amount of data/time required to load CSS files, Javascript files, images.